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Digitális oktatási csomópont, virtuális online tanterem


Mubnkatársak, marketing-, menedzsment tapasztalat, üzleti angyal




Coworking office; 15 év operatív (menedzsment) tapasztalat márkaépítésben, üzletfejlesztésben off- és online területen


érdekelnek startup-ok, ötletgazdák, mindenki aki támogatót, befektetőt illetve helyet keres ötlete megvalósításához




A great social network for startup professionals.


Connections to local startup communities.




Bejáratott kommunikációs csatornák, startUP ismeret, kiváló kapcsolatok befektetőkkel, fejlesztőkkel, mobil fejlesztőkkel, grafikusokkal.


Sikerre, tőkére, befektetőre, befuttatásra, brandépítésre, social média kommunikációra, hírnévre, sajtó cikkekre vágyó, ügyfeleket keresünk!




I have several years of experience in web development.


An inspirative project to work on :)

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Discover new people

We have weed out all the overwhelming details from professional profiles, and just kept, what is really up to date: what skills and resources others have and what are they currenly in need of. Just create your tweet-long profile and search for others with the matching resources.

Recieve personalized recommendations right into your inbox

From time to time we provide you updates about upcoming local events and people who have/need resources you need/have. You can send invites right into their inbox and schedule meetings at the best local events and global conferences.

Go out and network!

With our mobile solutions you can easily meet those, you contacted before the event and discover interesting people among the event's attendees.


Get detailed stats about your ecosystem

We all know that the Bay Area is the heaven for entrepreneurs, but what about your community? Explore the hidden secrets of your hub by checking out your ecosystem's network graph and make your community a better place for startup professionals.


  • Activity badges

    Be the most prominent member of your ecosystem and earn badges on your efforts in your community.

  • Global Network

    If you are on the road, Startupflyer is the best starting point to network in foreign communities.

  • Detailed statistics

    We provide you detailed statistics and stunning visualizations about your local ecosystem.

  • Local curators

    We team up with local community builders in every city to provide you the best resources available.

  • Push recommendations

    If someone seems to be a perfect match for you, we send out recommendations to both of you.

  • Mobile Apps

    Take your professional connections with you on the go, and make new contacts wherewer you are.

  • Event calendar

    We feature the best local meetups and major conferences worldwide.

what people say

StartupFlyer is one of the best tools I have ever seen to support the effective extension of my professional network.

Peter Kovacs, talent scout at

It works like a charm. I can easily browse through the profiles to find the most promising talent.

Sean Murphy, angel investor

I've met my co-founder with the help of Startupflyer. Short after that we got our first $500K VC investment.

David Zsigo, co-founder at

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